QSaw Blade for Mild Steel #CCSM18038


  • This QSaw 7″ x 20MM x 38 Tooth blade is designed to cut Mild Steel
  • QSaw Industrial Quality Metal Cutting Carbide Circular Saw Blades are available for a variety of applications.
  • QSaw blades are capable of cutting mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, plastics and a variety of other material leaving a smooth, clean, cool to the touch finish.


  • Superior Triple Chip ground teeth excels in a wide range of material such as steel aluminum wood and plastic.
  • QSaw blades incorporate industrial brazing technology, which creates an extra durable bond between the teeth and body.
  • Premium grade carbide teeth for long life.


  • Our Carbide blades will make all carbide saws into the ultimate dry cutting machine.
  • Qsaw Cuts Cooler, When cutting steel, Qsaw blades will leave a workable finish, our carbide blades run cooler and with few sparks.
  • Qsaw Cuts Faster, Qsaw blades simply cut faster than other carbide or abrasive blades
  • Qsaw Lasts Longer, then other carbides, and Abrasive blades wear down quickly. The Qsaw Carbide Circular Saw Blade can last as long as 20x or more than other products.